Yaridovich is a member of the Smithy Gang, and serves as Smithy's top lieutenant, acting as the leader of one of the two teams Smithy sends out, the other group being the Axem Rangers.


Mecha Sonic Saga

Bowser Saga

Haltmann Saga

While not appearing himself, a holographic version of him is created by the Holo-Defense API.

Smithy Saga


Yaridovich has many skills and abilities, bearing many attacks with and without his spear. Yaridovich is a skilled user of fire, being able to utilise attacks such as Flame Stone. Yaridovich's signature ability is his ability to split into two copies. Yaridovich can also transform himself into multiple others, such as transforming into five Yoshis on Yoshi's Island. Yaridovich can also summon Gunyolk, a powerful cannon that can fire the deadly Breaker Beam.