The Tale of Meta Knight is the final movie, it is set after the events of The Wrath of Super Yaridovich, but the movie itself is set for release after the Super Kirby Srikers Charged Football series is over


The story begins in the far future, with Meta Knight on a cliff looking towards the sky, wondering how he got there, which blackens. Seconds later, a giant Vortrex appears in the clouds, Meta Knight scenses an old foe, Nightmare. Nightmare flies out of the sky, towards Peach's Castle, as he is attempting to kill Kirby, Meta Knight flies off, trying to save his friends. At Peach's Castle Gardens, the heroes Peach and Toadsworth look into the sky and wonder why the sky suddenly went black, then Nightmare attacks, when Meta Knight arrives, he sees Nightmare flying away, and his friends dead, he then team up with Chaos, Tikal, Spyro, Cream, Shadow Kirby, Jeff, Hal and Galacta Knight, who came out from a new Vortrex, Galacta Knight and Meta Knight are revealed to have came from the time where the events after the previous movie were, Meta Knight having suffered amnesia beforehand, it is also revealed that Galacta Knight was once Meta Knight's girlfriend, it then shows them in the presen day Mushroom Kingdom, sitting on the same cliff from the beginning


  • The movie is heavily based off of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon S/T/D and Shadow the Hedgehog, where Meta Knight is dragged into the future (Dusknoir did this) and he suffers amnesia at the beggining (Shadow has this)