SKD The Halberd Invasion Part 1

Part One

The Halberd Invasion Pt2

Part Two

The Halberd Invasion is a small two-part comic created by SuperYaridovich999, it's story sums up on how the Halberd was invaded


  • Captain Vul
  • Sailor Dee
  • Mace Knight
  • Axe Knight
  • Axem Red
  • Axem Black
  • Axem Green
  • Axem Yellow
  • Axem Pink
  • Axem Blue
  • Axem White
  • Heavy Lobster
  • Drone-Ex (Unseen)
  • Waddle Doo (One only)
  • Smithy (Mentioned by Axem Red)
  • Meta Knight (Mentioned by Sailor Dee and Captain Vul)
  • Kirby (Mentioned by Axe Knight, thought)
  • Mario (Mentioned by Axem Red)


  • Axem White has a new appearance
    • Axem White also has a flight mode like Axem Pink
  • Drone-Ex is revealed to have been given the original name of Stapler, as called by Axem Red, he is also corrected by Drone-Ex himself, saying he prefers "Drone-Ex"
  • It is not revealed exactly how the Heavy Lobster joins the Smithy Gang, but is seen being accepted into it
  • The Combo Cannon, which survived the destruction of the Deck, was used to attack the Blade along with the cannons to the right of the Halberd, the Blade returned fire with it's Breaker Beam and cannons of it's own, both signature weapons survived the fray however
    • The Breaker Beam was revealed to have not been charged up enough to cause a heavy amount of damage, showing that the Smithy Gang did not want to damage too much of the Halberd, instead trying to turn it into a mobile factory