The Dark Rises is the final movie of the Super Kirby Dash series


Bowser, now enraged at his defeat against Mario and friends, forces Eggman to build a stronger Transmuter, a Transmuter so powerful that it can pull both Mobius and Popstar into the world they're in and turn all 3 into wastelands, but he needs the Dark Star to do this, he manages to get his hands on it and puts it into the machine, the Transmuter not only brings the two planets (Also bringing many planets from Kirby's world), the machine also somehow affects Marx's corpse far off in the Beanbean Kingdom, bringing him to life, the force is so powerful that it brings the attention of the Smithy Gang and Dark Matter's forces, causing them to suddenly invade, the Transmuter then suddenly breaks and turns black, Mephiles the Dark suddenly appears and takes out the Dark Star, he suddenly looks into it and sees all of the evil in Mario's world, Mephiles then brings forth the Time Eater, which brings Mecha Sonic, the Negativitron and Super Yaridovich back to life, the Time Eater then rips open dimensional holes that spread across Mobius, Popstar and Mushroom World, one of which appears beneath him, Mephiles, the Dark Star, Bowser, Eggman and the now broken Transmuter, sending them all into a dark land that suddenly appears in the middle of the 3 planets

Mephiles, now infront of many villains from the Mario, Sonic and Kirby franchises (As well as the Negativitron and both dopplegängers of Fissure), delares himself as thier ruler


  • Mephiles the Dark is the main villain of the movie
  • Rosalina creates 'Star Bridges' to connect to Mushroom World, Popstar, Mobius, Craftword, Hotbeat and Mekkai
  • This movie marks the return of villains from the previous sagas and movies: Mecha Sonic, Smithy, Dark Matter, Eggman Nega, Mecha Fissure, Metal Fissure, Super Yaridovich, the Negativitron, Marx, Nightmare and Popple
  • Mephiles will feature two forms: Super Mephiles and Dark Mephiles, the former being after he gains the Chaos Emeralds, the latter being after he absorbs the Dark Star in his Super Form, his Crystaline form appears throughout
  • Fissure and his friends make a return after appearing in Generations (Fissure only) and Fissure: Hero of the Earth (Rocko, Comet, Phazon and Obsidian)