Terradrill the Chimera is a Chimera that is evil, he is the main villain of the SKD mini series, Super Mecha Chimera, where he tries to kill everybody who are against his army, the Elite Mecha Force

He is the last character that can be unlocked in TPoB, he is only unlocked by beating the Zero Challenge with the 000 Axem Units, who are unlocked from Bulby (and everybody else), where he is unlocked by Bulborb, who is unlocked by unlocking Zero Challenge


Attack: 100

Speed: 23

Dynamics: 67

Defence: 50

Description: After a Manectric underwent turmoil being turned into a Chimera by Pigmasks, it turned evil and killed the Pigmask creators, he then fled, he is half machine


  • He is the last character to be unlocked
  • Due to him being half machine, he is low in speed, but high in dynamics, making him able to fly
  • He has the highest attack (100) and defence (50)