Team Chaos is the main villain team in SKSCF, it is led by Razor the Velociraptor, the other members are Jinx, who was brainwashed, Hyper, Jawsome, Razor's brother Velocity, Sharp, Phazon and Tiny

Razor the Velociraptor

Razor is the leader of the team, he will do anything for power, he is also responsible for breaking Jawsome and Hyper out of an asylum, he is really stong, as he and Jawsome took down Jinx, where the others failed to (Sharp was absent from the scene)

Velocity the Velociraptor

Velocity is Razor's younger brother, he is weaker in attack but stronger in defence

Hyper the Triceratops

Hyper is the brains of the group, he was in charge of brainwashing Jinx, he is rather strong in defence. He was freed from an asylum by Razor

Jawsome the Tyranosaurus

Jawsome is the brawn of the group, he is mad and goes crazy if something goes wrong, he is the second most strongest of the group

Tiny the Gigantosaurus

Tiny is a tall, powerful member of the team, he is stronger in defence than he is in attack

Phazon the Spinosaurus

Phazon is a blue Spinosaurus, the flail on his back makes him able to fly, he is weak in both attack and defence

Sharp the Dimetrodon

Spike is the strongest and fastest of the group, he is able to use the Pursuit attack from the Pokemon games just like how Boomer can

Jinx the 'Dynamite'

Jinx is a pseudo-member of the group as he was hypnotised by Hyper, he is pretty powerful, he and Jawsome are able to unleash a deadly attack called Spin Drive