Super Kirby Strikers Charged Football is a spinoff of SKD, it is about most of the SKD characters being forced into a football game by Razor the Raptor and his crew, named Team Chaos, the prize of winning is freedom from the small planet they are on, unfortunatly, Meta Knight and Shadow were forced to be captains of different teams, some characters were forced to watch the game


Football Teams

Team Mario-

Members: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Sonic, Kirby, Tails, Sackboy, Amy

Rival Team: Team Mephiles

Team Knight-

Members: Meta Knight, Jeff, Hal, Dedede, Chaos, O' Chunks, Mimi, Gamma

Rival Team: Team Shadow

Team Shadow-

Members: Shadow, Omega, Rouge, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, Beta, Epsilon

Rival Team: Team Meta Knight

Team Koopa-

Members: Bowser, Kamek, Wart, Eggman, Crystal King, Army Hammer Bro, Basilisx, Reznor

Rival Team: Team Smithy, Team Dark

Team Mephiles-

Members: Mephiles, ???, Tails Doll, Nazo, Popple, Hydraxa, Hydraxis, Electro-Midbus

Rival Team: Team Mario

Team Smithy-

Members: Smithy, Mack, Bowyer, Domino, Cloaker, Yaridovich, Drone-Ex, Dimentio

Rival Team: Team Koopa, Team Dark

Team Koopalings-

Members: Bowser Jr, Larry, Lemmy, Iggy, Morton, Roy, Wendy, Ludwig

Rival Team: Team Axem

Team Axem-

Members: Axem Red, Axem Blue, Axem White, Axem Yellow, Axem Green, Axem Black, Axem Pink, Diotron X

Rival Team: Team Koopalings

Team Dark-

Members: Dark Matter, Dark Nebula, General Guy, Dark Meta Knight, Mega Titan, Gemerl, Mecha Mario, Mehca Luigi

Rival Team: Team Bowser, Team Smithy

Team Chaos-

Members: Razor, Sharp, Jawsome, Phazon, Velocity, Tiny, Jynx, Hyper


  • Mecha Mario, Gemerl and Mecha Luigi were forced to join Team Dark
  • Jynx is the only member of Team Chaos who is not a dinosaur
  • On a related note, Jynx is the only character inn Team Chaos who is from a Mario game, the others were based from Sonic characters
  • The story is based on Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart, where Velo made every team race against each other, but it is changed to Razor forcing the characters to play a football game
  • Razor and Velocity are brothers
  • Jawsome paridorises the word 'Awesome'
  • The title is a parody of Mario Strikers Charged Football