Star Fox: The Movie is an upcoming movie about the Star Fox team's latest and greatest adventure, it involves all of the series' main characters


Team Star Fox

  • Fox McCloud
  • Falco Lombardi
  • Krystal the Vixen
  • Slippy Toad
  • Peppy Hare
  • ROB64
  • Katt Monroe
  • Tricky Saurine
  • New Recruit Croc Odilo
  • Bill Grey

Team Star Wolf

  • Wolf O'Donnel
  • Leon Powalski
  • Pigma Dengar
  • Andrew Oikonny
  • Panther Carroso
  • Mal-Fuct10n
  • New Recruit Rex Dinera
  • New Recruit Salad Mander
  • New Recruit Bark Wolfstream
  • New Recruit Kitty Khat


  • Andross
  • General Scales
  • Spyborg
  • Captain Shears
  • Aparoid Queen
  • Emperor Anglar
  • Bowser
  • Caiman
  • Gorgon
  • Mechbeth
  • Bacoon
  • Shogun


  • Bane O'Donnel

Cornerian Army

  • General Pepper
  • Lucy Hare
  • Miyu the Lynx
  • Fey the Dog
  • Beltino Toad
  • Amanda the Frog
  • Dash Bowman
  • Herbert Horsefield
  • Snazzy Odilo
  • Vult Beaken
  • Izzy Izrad
  • Dawg Bombara

Past Time Characters

  • James McCloud
  • Young Peppy Hare
  • Young Pigma Dengar
  • Vivian Hare
  • Young Beltino Toad
  • Young Bane O'Donnel
  • Young Herbert Horsefeild
  • Young Snazzy Odilo
  • Young Vult Beaken
  • Young Frills Izrad

Planets and Other Places Visited

  • Corneria
  • Sector Y
  • Meteo
  • Fichina
  • Aquas
  • Katina
  • Solar
  • Sector X
  • Sector Z
  • Sauria
  • Fortuna
  • Lylat
  • Venom
  • Area 6
  • Bolse
  • Zoness
  • Macbeth
  • Titania


Fox is called to Corneria from the Great Fox after he defeated the Aparoids and Emperor Anglar, General Pepper breifs a mission that Andross, the Aparoid Queen,General Shears, General Scales and Emperor Anglar have joined forces and are attacking the Lylat System and neighbour system, the Mushroom System, where Bowser ad Delgatron have also joined the villains to take over the two systems, Star Fox is suddenly joined by Katt and Tricky, as well as new character Croc, who all wish to join the Star Fox Team, back aboard the Great Fox, Peppy wishes to rejoin the team, where as some of the old Star Fox and Star Wolf team emerge and reveal themselves as part of the Cornerian Army, then they return to Corneria, where the Star Fox team are bombarded by a replica of the Great Fox, but it was the Great Wolf, Wolf's copy of the Great Fox, Team Star Wolf then proceed to attack and the Star Fox team face thier first obstacle, they seemingly destroy the Great Wolf, but thanks to the timely appearance of Bill Grey and his fleet, Bill then wishes to join Star Fox and leaves Dawg in charge of his troop

After finding General Shears in Venom, they proceed to take him down, but are attacked by Mechbeth and Gorgon, which both colide


  • The Lylat System appears to be the neighbour of Mario's solar system