Revenge of Mecha Fissure

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The Revenge of Mecha Fissure is the final movie of Super Kirby Dash, it will begin production right after Super Mecha Chimera

It will tell the events of Fissure the Earth-Hog and his friends, where they must defeat the evil Mecha Fissure


The story begins before the events of Super Kirby Dash, where Fissure is relaxing on a rock, suddenly, he is attacked by Metal Fissure, his robotic counterpart, who is defeated, he then meets up with his friends Rocko, Spicy, Purity and Sparky, they then see Mecha Sonic in the sky, Fissure does not recognise the figure until it attacks them, Mecha Sonic is blocked off by Metal Fissure, who assures that Fissure is his target, Mecha Sonic questions Metal Fissure on his creator, his data matches nearly all of that of Eggman's, they respect each other, Metal Purity then appears and asks Metal Fissure who his 'friend' is, Metal Fissure knocks her down and combines himself with her to create Turbo Mecha Fissure, Mecha Sonic tells him to meet Mecha Sonic after he has defeated his own foe, they both fly off in different directions

Later, after the recent attack, Fissure sees Mecha Fissure is the sky and begins to attack


  • Mecha Fissure appears to have survived his own defeat, he will later return in SKD: Generations, where he fuses with Mecha Sonic to become Metal Overlord
  • Eggman Nega does not appear until the end, where he calls Mecha Fissure a disgrace for failing his mission, he walks off, it is also noted that Eggman Nega does not leave Angel Island when it is sucked in directly after his appearance