Oxerpia is a planet inhabbitted by reptilian species such as Gigafoots and Tyrannolaurs, it is part of the Mushroom System

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Oxerpia, as it is full of reptiles, is a rather dry planet, only having one section of water of the planet, a large river, inhabbited by prehistoric-like fish, the planet has rather large canyons, some larger than the real life Grand Canyon, the largest known desert is known as Rakel Desert, a darkened desert inhabited by only Decepticons, the largest waterfall is Arcadia Falls, home to Chrono Gems

Rakel Desert

Rakel Desert is only populated by very few Tyrannolaurs, inside a cave is an abandoned facility, where the Decepticons make as thier second base and a Space Bridge back to Delgatron X's ship

Arcadia Falls

Arcadia Falls is the largest known waterfall, it has a cave under a small waterfall break, the cave leads to 120 Chrono Gems, where they are all taken by the Decepticons

Ugandia Forest

Ugandia Forest is a forest that surrounds the river, it is inhavbbited by some more reptilian animals and Scarobugs