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Magolor is the main antagonist of the Magolor Saga, where he, under the control of the Demon Crown, desires to plunge the world in chaos, which he can achieve with the Fountain of Dreams and the Wands of Power. He has powers very similar to Babidi from Dragon Ball.


Pre-Magolor Saga

Magolor Saga

Bowser Saga

During the Bowser Saga, Magolor was invited onto the Comet Observatory by Rosalina. Some time later, Magolor joins the crew aboard the Halberd.

Fawful Saga

Inspired by the concept behind the Beanstar, Magolor sets off to rebuild Galactic Nova.

Haltmann Saga

The Holo-Defense API creates a holographic version of Magolor Soul to defend its Research Facility.

Super Shadow Queen Saga


Magolor has numerous specially abilities, retaining those used against Kirby and friends, and gaining new ones under the control of Demon Crown, his abilities include:

  • Summoning Skullies
  • Possessing characters
  • Firing hand lazers
  • Using a flash technique that removes all powerups from those around him
  • Turning others into Majins to do his bidding (Although Shadow rebels and eventually escapes this control)
  • Utilising attacks based upon those from powerups.
  • Psychic abilites such as teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy.
  • Creating black holes that can prove deadly.
  • Summoning dark spikes or projectiles.


  • Magolor's appearance is foreshadowed in the Mecha Sonic Saga