Kuribo is a Sockop that appears during the very first episode of the series. Kuribo is the very person who finds the blue Chaos Emerald in Dimble Wood, but is confronted by Mecha Sonic, who appeared nearby.


Kuribo appears to be zealous and selfish with his apparent goals, seemingly longing to be the one to rule over his home of Dimble Wood. He is also greedy and hypocritical, calling others out on their gluttony despite himself stating how the others will envy him "chugging" on the Chaos Emerald. He also displays a certain degree of arrogance.

Despite his general antagonistic nature, he is somewhat cowardly. After Mecha Sonic towered over him, his arrogant nature quickly turned to fear, and he pleaded for his life.


Mecha Sonic Saga

Dimentio Saga


  • Kuribo first appeared in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, where his fellow Sockops kidnapped Mario while Luigi took control of Kuribo from inside. Kuribo later snagged an Attack Piece, but he and his buddies were defeated.
  • Kuribo has the distinction of being the very first character to appear in the Smash Fighters Z series.
    • He is also the first character to be killed off.