Kirby • Heroes
FormsSmash Fighters Z
Kirby, also known as Kirby of the Stars, is the protagonist of the Kirby series and a hero in the Smash Fighters Z series.


One of Kirby's prominent abilities is inhaling, however, he gets no ability from anyone in Mario's world, meaning Kirby has to resort to grabbing powerups or Copy Essences to get their abilities. Living in Mario's world also has an effect on Kirby's inhaling power; he cannot swallow enemies that have some form of power, but he can swallow extremely weak ones, such as simple soldiers.

Kirby also has the ability to float midair by inhaling air, he can fly until something hits him or when he exhales, Kirby can also summon his Warpstar whenever needed, after the Minus World Arc, it is stored inside Stuffwell.