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Gemerl, formerly known as Emerl, is a Gizoid who was once a friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. After coming into contact with Chaos Emeralds, he went rogue and Sonic was forced to stop him. Later, Doctor Eggman had found his body and upgraded, where he became a threat yet again. He was later stopped by the combined efforts of Sonic and Eggman. He was later found by Tails, who repaired him. He was designated as "K - The Kinesis"


Pre-Bowser Saga

Thousands of years ago, after his creation, Pir'oth Ix ordered he were fitted with an override code. When activated, Emerl will fall under his absolute control. Ix also used his Schrift ability to designate him as "K - The Kinesis", which could only activate once the override is in place.

Prior to the events of the Bowser Saga, Gemerl was met by Mecha Sonic, who attempted to kill Cream the Rabbit and her family. Gemerl stopped the metal tyrant, and lured him elsewhere to fight. While Gemerl put up a good fight, he was outmatched by Mecha Sonic and was left badly damaged.

Bowser Saga

Pir'oth Ix Saga