Galacta Knight is a powerful knight from a time long forgotten. He was sealed away many years ago, briefly being freed to fight Meta Knight at one point. He is the teritary antagonist of the Super Bowser Saga. He was sealed within Another Dimension, a realm that exists in between time and space.


Void Saga

Galacta Knight makes a minor appearance in Another Dimension, where he is found by Void in his sealed state.

Haltmann Saga

Galacta Knight's data, along with all other records of Another Dimension, has been collected by the Haltmann Works Company. He is also briefly mentioned.

Wizeman Saga

Wizeman's forces, with the help of Doctor Finitevus and Walter Naugus, discover Galacta Knight within his sealed state, having found a way into Another Dimension. While Wizeman forbade his forces to free Galacta Knight, Finitevus developed an interest in the imprisoned warrior.

Pir'oth Ix Saga

Galacta Knight is ranked fifth on the Nocturnus Clan's Special War Powers.

Super Bowser Saga


Solitario is the name of Galacta Knight's Master, and takes the form of a hot pink lance with a white crossguard and hilt.


Solitario's release command is Desolate, Solitario