End of the Journey is the final episode of the LittleBigPlanet Saga, it shows every character returning to thier homes after the Negativitron and Super Yaridovich were destroyed


After the heroes, with the help of the Koopa Troop, the Smithy Gang and Dark Matter's Crew destroy the Negativitron they celebrate their victory, but find that they have to say goodbye to each other, Sackboy is upset with this, but Avalon tells him that they will meet Mario and Co again, Rosalina manages to receive the Comet Observatory and make it fly again, Bowser claims that he will return to his castle, he flies off with his fleet, Smithy and Dark Matter decide to live together on the Dark Star, so Dark Matter transports all of the Smithy Gang and Shy Guy Army there, saying thier goodbyes in the process

Rosalina takes the heroes back to the Mushroom Kingdom and Avalon takes the Alliance back to Craftworld, Static is then seen, he breaks the fourth wall by saying 'Have you spotted me while watching!? Well, I better get going home now!'

E. Gadd arrives at the Comet Obsevatory to take the heroes back to the Mushroom Kingdom, the heroes say thier final goodbyes to Rosalina and go home, when the get home, Spyro and Cream tell them that they are returning home, so they say thier goodbyes, they walk off holding hands, Midbus ambushes them, but Spyro knocks him out in one punch, they continue to walk off, Tails, Knuckles, Dedede and Shadow say they are returning to Peach's Castle Garden, Tails asks Sonic, Meta Knight, Geno and Kirby to go with them, Sonic, Geno and Kirby agree, but Meta Knight says he must travel alone, he wishes everybody to be strong, even Kirby, Kirby sheds a tear, Sonic and Kirby say thier goodbyes to Mario, Yoshi and Mallow and Luigi, Luigi starts to cry, then they walk towards Peach's Castle, Yoshi says he must return to the Forest of Drago, and Mallow says he must return to Nimbus Land, after this, Mario and Luigi return home, after this, some credits roll and the episode ends


  • Static's last appearance is the first where he does not make a cameo appearance
  • Nimbus Land is mentioned for the second time
  • E. Gadd arrives on the Comet Obsevatory with the S.S Dolphin from Pikmin
  • The episode makes references of the first two movies, first is the Forest of Drago, where Yoshi returns to and Midbus is seen jumping out of a bush in jealousy and attacks Spyro
  • The final part of the episode references SKD: Future, where Hydraxa and Hydraxis is standing on a nearby hill watching the heroes
  • The credits imitate the credits from Kirby Superstar and it's remake
  • Many cameo-only characters appear in the credits, these are Ristar, Simon Belmont, Masked Man, Junior Shrooboid, and Porky Minch, strangely, Giygas gets in the credits