Drone-Ex is a made-up member of the Smithy Gang created by SuperYaridovich999 and Mecha Mario. It has a metal brain in the centre of it's top.


Drone-Ex is a Smithy Gang member that attacked the Halberd wih the Blade, he sent the Axem Rangers to breach and take over the Halberd, Heavy Lobster joined the Smithy Gang as soon as they attacked, where he helps them locate the Meta Knights, Sailor Dee and Captain Vul, but when Mario & Co. boarded the Halberd, he sent the Heavy Lobster & the Axem Rangers to attack, but the combined effort of the HL & the Axem team failed and fled, leaving Drone-Ex to battle the heroes, but was defeated, where he deactivates in the Halblade (The fuse between the Halberd and Blade), and is destroyed in the destrucion of the ship caused by Marx (Both ships are remade during the course of the series by their respective owners)


  • Drone-Ex is very cocky, self-centred and really aggressive, he also mutters things under his breath about his team mates and master, Smithy
  • Drone-Ex was once referred as Stapler
  • Drone-Ex can easily be compared to Starcream of the Transformers series, both have a dislike of their leader, both are cocky and aggessive, and both betray their respective groups
  • Drone-Ex is the one who fuses the Halberd with the Blade to create a ship called the Halblade
  • Drone-Ex betrays the Smithy Gang as he tries to kill the Axem Rangers in the chambers within the Halblade, also saying that he will overpower Smithy
  • Although the Halblade was destroyed with him inside, the Axem Rangers found most of his body within the Halblade ruins found in the Scrapyard, after their later encounter with Mario and co, they take his corpse to Smithy, who finds that his memory is still intact, he then learns of the betrayal and gets angry, by then, Mario and co had made their way to Smithy's factory, where he greets them angrily, the corpse suddenly activates, saying nothing but "Exterminate" (Referencing Daleks from the popular British Sci-Fi program, Doctor Who), he is then thrown into a lava pool by Smithy, where he finally dies
  • After his death, Drone-Ex does not get rebuilt because of his betrayal