Da Vinci's Hideout is the first area in Craftworld that the heroes must venture to

The Space Journey Begins

After being sucked up by the threatening Negativitron, Larry Da Vinci, creator of Da Vinci's Hideout, saves their lives, Rosalina is also saved, and so is the Comet Obsevatory, Rosalina returns to the Comet Observatory after meeting Larry, the heroes are introduced to Sackboy, who was saved by the Negativitron beforehand, Larry teaches Sackboy and Mario the basics of fighting, Sackboy masters Paintanitor techniques and Mario knows more Fire attacks, E. Gadd sends Stuffwell via transmission from the Comet Observatory, after this, the episode ends

Attack of the Koopa Army

Zoom in on Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom, he realises that Mario has gone to Craftworld, a nearby planet, so he sets up a fleet of airships to attack Mario from space, bringing all of Bowser's Bosses with him, including B0WZ3R. Later, Mario and co begin the adventure through Craftworld, as they are about to set out, Bowser's fleet arrive and bombard Larry's home, so they flee, leaving Bowser to call back the fleet, they move to a different location to try to trap Mario, the episode then ends with them outside Victoria's Lab


  • Porky Minch is clearly seen in the Koopa Army assembley in Bowser's Castle
  • Static makes his first of many cameo appearances in The Space Journey Begins, he is seen standing on a lamp post