The Chronology of Smash Fighters Z is a summary of the events that transpire during the events of Smash Fighters Z.

Main Timeline

Before the Space-Time Crisis

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Mecha Sonic's Reign of Terror

Marx's Ambition

Battle For the Scepter of Mastery

Launch of the Death Egg

Fawful's Insurgency

The Coming of Little Planet

The Nightmaren Regime

Invasion of the Haltmann Works Company

The 4000 Year Blood War

The Smithy Gang Conflict

Return of the Shadow Queen

Plot to Destroy Reality

Gods of Destruction

The Ultra Beast Conflict

Bowser's Iron Rule

Corruption of the Chaos Emeralds

The Multiverse Tournament

Rise of the Doomvirate

Lost in Space

Cackletta Supreme

The Eternity War

The Crack in Time

Future Timeline


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The Prelate Attack

The Almighty

Zero Mortals Plan

Phantoms of the Past

Times of Peace

Movie Timeline

(Note: The movies The Metal General, Return of Metallix, The Dark Score, The Shadow of Sir Grodus, Zavok Unbound, Chaos Versus, Resurrection "F", Artificial Chaos and The End of Z are considered canon. Their events are covered in the Main Timeline.)

To Find the World's Strongest

Shattered World Crisis

Mario's Double

Belos' Conquest

The Legendary Demigod

Alternate Timeline

This alternate timeline was formed as a paradox mistakenly caused by Doctor Von Schlemmer.

Grodus' Rule

After Grodus