Cackletta is an evil witch from the Beanbean Kingdom. She was defeated by Mario and Luigi. She was a member of the Marx Gang, and is the leader of the Doomvirate.


Marx Saga

Her soul and form, along with that belonging to Fawful, are restored by Marx's blood magic. As his way of "paying debt", she is forced to work for him, although she, unlike Fawful, is more willing, as she quickly develops a devoting crush on the malevolent jester.

Fawful Saga

Cackletta remains with the Marx Gang, now under the control of Fawful, to help the latter in his bid to restore Marx to his former glory. Unlike Fawful, Beldam and Marilyn, however, Cackletta is the only one who of the group who actually wants to carry out the assumed goal of resurrecting Marx, while Fawful wishes to obtain Marx's power as Marx Soul, and Beldam and Marilyn wishing to use the Beanstar for their own nefarious plot.

Haltmann Saga

While not appearing herself, a holographic copy of Cackletta is created by the Holo-Defense API.

Cackletta Saga


Cackletta has a very selfish personality. She doesn't care for anything or anyone but Fawful, her beloved former sidekick, and Marx, her beloved "savior". She almost destroys the Beanbean Castle Town, the capital of her own home, to swipe the artifact. She seems to get easily annoyed. She is ultimately heartbroken following Marx's demise, and the later reveal that neither Fawful nor Beldam and Marilyn actually wanted to use the Beanstar to resurrect Marx.

Powers & Abilities

Cackletta has many magical powers. Like the power over fire and electricity. She also has the ability to create clones of herself that can split into many bats in her likeness, and also holes in the ground for her enemies to fall into.

Cackletta is also a master of disguise able to imitate anyone, this is best shown in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where she disguises herself as Lady Lima twice throughout the story, she also disguises as Princess Peach.

She can also fuse her spirit with others, as seen with Bowletta and Infinite Cackletta.



Before Cackletta was vanquished originally, she had fused her spirit with that of Bowser. This form remains unseen outside of flashbacks. This transformation was done against the will of Bowser, who was already injured from his fight alongside Popple against the Mario Bros. as "Rookie", and then falling from the Beanstar high in the sky.

Infinite Cackletta

A result of Cackletta's spirit fusing with Infinite. Unlike Bowletta, Infinite Cackletta is assumed willingly by both Cackletta and Infinite.

Infinite Dark Cackletta

A result of Infinite Cackletta absorbing the Dark Star.

Cackletta Prime

Cackletta Incarnate