• SuperMase9X

    E-Series References

    October 26, 2015 by SuperMase9X
    • E-10 Crocbot
    • E-15 Eggrobo
    • E-16 Mecha Knuckles
    • E-17 Iron Gaiden
    • E-18 Masher
    • E-20 Kibble Blade
    • E-21 Heavy Knight
    • E-23 Missile Wrist
    • E-24 Javelin Knight
    • E-25 Mr. Dooter
    • E-26 Max Flexer
    • E-27 Burnbot
    • E-28 Coily Rattler
    • E-29 Mecha Dino Piranha
    • E-30 Heavy (Traitor)
    • E-31 Bomb (Traitor)
    • E-38 Meta-Bugzy
    • E-41 Paint Roller
    • E-49 Metroid
    • E-65 Dubior
    • E-76 Gigant Edge
    • E-77 Lucky
    • E-80 Mecha Kracko
    • E-83 Metal Sphere Doomer
    • E-85 Mecha Galboros
    • E-89 Rex Wheelie
    • E-91 Lady Ninja
    • E-95 Silver Sonic III
    • E-99 Captain Metal
    • E-100 Alpha
    • E-101 Gamma (Traitor)
    • E-101 Beta MkIII
    • E-103 Delta
    • E-104 Epsilon
    • E-105 Zeta
    • E-106 Eta
    • E-123 Omega (Traitor)
    • E-200 Metal Robotnik
    • E-250 Mecha Bowser
    • E-251 Neo Mecha Sonic
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  • JokerJay779

    Never give up SuperYarid!

    February 18, 2013 by JokerJay779

    As you know Alvin basically gave up on Super Mario Bros. Z.Now just because he did doesn't mean you will.But you shouldn't.Here are some tips to help you make sure you never give up on this.Never get bothered by the repetive comments by fans saying when is the next one coming out.Never get bothered by Super Mario Bros. Z fans and trolls.Make an episode every week (I don't know if you can do that.But people would be less patient that way).If the comments do bother you can always close the comment section.I hope this tips help ciao!

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  • JokerJay779

    Hello SuperYarid!You know that wikia contributor who has been here a lot who has very good ideas I was him but now I am JokerJay779.Ever since I saw Super Mario Bros. Z I wanted to make a sprite animation,but I am more an idea kinda of guy.So I want to be a writer for this and you help you with some ideas for this.And you  know the fourth saga how I wanted DImentio being a main villan,I am sorry it's fine how it is now and Bowser can be a big threat sometimes.I had an idea where the Death Egg 2 becomes the Egg Bowser a gigantic Bowser robo,but 255 more times powerful than Mecha Bowser.I would be happy to help,but don't forget to give me some credit if you do let me write for the show.I'll give you the ideas,you'll either approve or improve…

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  • Mariorocks10

    Well... Farewell..

    April 24, 2012 by Mariorocks10

    I'm not going to be around anymore, there's a lot stuff going on and I'm really busy, I pretty much don't feel like editing or coming around anymore. And I regret some of times I was acting stupid back at the SMBZ wiki (some the replies I made). I wish to be around but I can't as much. Maybe I visit and edit some pages on this wiki one day (I'm not sure), and SuperYarid... I hope you do well with you sprite series. --It's a me! Mariorocks10! 02:46, April 24, 2012 (UTC)

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  • SuperMase9X

    Itsa Christmas... nearly

    November 25, 2010 by SuperMase9X

    It's almost christmas & the sprites are coming fast

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