20121023062512!Beanbean Map
The Beanbean Kingdom is a kingdom that is twinned with the Mushroom Kingdom, it is more hotter than it's Mushroom relative, it is very rocky in the north and in the east is a large beach, the south-west region is covered in fauna, it is inhabited by Beanish as opposed by Toads (Excluding the inhabitants of Little Fungitown and Hoohoo Village, the latter of which being entirely inhabited by Hoohooligans), it is ruled by Queen Bean. The Beanbean Kingdom is southwest of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Royal Family

  • Queen Bean - Queen of the Beanbean Kingdom
  • Prince Peasly - Future King and friend to the Mario Bros
  • Lady Lima - Female Beanish counterpart of Toadsworth

Places of Interest

  • Beanbean Castle Town
  • Beanbean Fields
  • Beanbean International Airport
  • Chucklehuck Woods
    • Chateaux de Chucklehuck
  • Guffwha Ruins
  • Gwahar Lagoon
  • Hoohoo Mountain
    • Hoohoo Village
  • Joke's Ends
    • Marx's Fortress
  • Little Fungitown
  • Oho Oasis
  • Stardust Fields
    • Beanbean Side
    • Mushroom Side
  • Teehee Valley
  • Woohoo Hooniversity
  • Yoshi Theater